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Walking Field Trips

What exciting adventures are available for your students to experience around your school’s neighborhood ? This December, my best friend and partner in crime, Jennifer Moody, took our classes to the local public library to see a gorgeous puppet show of the Nutcracker put on by Literature Live who is sponsored by the City of Austin Public Libraries. The presentation was a perfect way for us to kick off the holiday season and enjoy a gorgeous 20 minute walk through our community. The fieldtrip didn’t cost us a thing, thanks to the organizer of the puppet show and branch manager of Terrazas Library, Eric Travis. I hope these sweet photos will encourage you to check out your local community and see if you can arrange a walking fieldtrip for your class to a neighborhood library, park, firehouse, bakery or community center.

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Holiday Activities II

Here are the photo examples I promised you in my Holiday Activities blog yesterday plus a few more sweet ideas with some additional photos I couldn’t resist posting! Enjoy!

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Holiday Activities

It is that time of year, when the kids are so excited you can barely keep them focused and you are probably counting down the days until winter break with more bliss then they are! This past Friday, Metz just had a lovely “Winter Holidays Around the World” program with songs being sung about Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years Eve and more. It was a great learning experience and made me realize I probably should have posted some of these holiday learning ideas last week! I suppose it is better late then never! Maybe you will be able to find one or two to try this week and you can save some other favorite ideas for next year.

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Grant Writing (Tips!) For Your Classroom III

Loretta Holland is one of the fantastic women that volunteer their time at the Junior League of Austin, Texas. Our local Junior League works in cooperation with 3M and AMD to give thousands of dollars in grant money to central Texas teachers through the ABC Grant Program. Lucky for us, Ms. Holland, a professional grant writer and consultant, chose to share her tips for writing successful grants.

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