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Love Bug Art

The “Love Bug” activity, taught by my friend and amazingly talented colleague, Metz art teacher, Rebecca Nusinow, gives students a chance to integrate science, math and art skills to create an original insect.  The “love  bugs” my own students brought back to class were so incredibly cute, I knew I had to write about how they made them and show some photo examples!

After learning about the three main parts of an insects body from books and charts, the student understand that their own “love bug” must include a head, thorax and abdomen. Students also learn that insects have six legs and their “love bug” must show the same.  Symmetry is introduced by using a heart shape. Students are taught how to cut several different sized heart shapes by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting out a half of a heart shape. These heart shapes are to be used to create their special “love bug”. A student can choose to use shapes other than hearts, but the shape must be symmetrical. Students can use paper sculpture skills to create curling and zig-zags, as well as cutting fringe. The resulting “love bugs” are both whimsical and unique and make a fabulous art display for the month of February! Once my students brought them back to class, I had them write a story about their love bug, giving him or her a name, telling where they liked to live, eat and drink. It made for a very meaningful writing activity that extended their art lesson and everyone was tickled to hear what their friends had written.

LB 1

LB 2

LB 5

LB 6 

LB 3

Love Bugs Kerianah

Love Bugs Joey

Love Bugs Aaron

 Last week, when explaining to my students that my ears were clogged up from a sinus infection and they would have to speak a little more loudly, Nathan got very excited and yelled “We can talk to you in signglish!” 


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