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100th Day of School

Schools start at many different times of the year usually in August and September. At Metz, we started the latest that I ever remember, and as a result, we are celebrating the 100th day of school next week on February 4th. Whether you have already celebrated the 100th day of school with your little monkeys this year or having it coming up in a few weeks, I hope you can find some fun ideas here to use and have some 100th day fun!

Painting a little washable paint on students and co-workers hands to create these fun murals is easy to do and makes for beautiful and meaningful displays!

  • Using a large piece of butcher paper or several poster boards, create a mural with 100 student fingers by painting either one or both hands of all of your students hands and title it “100 Hard Working Fingers”. If you are a little short, you can add classroom pet “hands”, students who moved, your own hands etc. 
  • Another mural I've done is “100 Helping Hands”.  I send an email to all campus staff and invite them to come have their hands painted for our mural. Every set of hands is also signed by each staff member making a beautiful hallway display for all to enjoy for weeks to come. Everyone has a great time coming by our classroom and each staff member takes a minute to share what they do at our school.

Class Books

  • Create a class book “Our 100 Days Together in 1st Grade”. Students brainstorm what they have learned, friends, they have made, special days etc… You can come up with ideas together as a class or each student can write their own narrative to ”My favorite things about the first 100 days of school…” Illustrations make this a wonderful addition to your classroom library. 
  • Create a class book “The Biggest Book of 100” Have each students draw 100 items on a page in rows of 10. I usually use the larger pieces of construction paper for this big book or you could use poster board if you wanted to get really outrageous!

 I created a few activity sheets of my own for my students to use and are posting them for you here.

  • Celebrate 100! Download Celebrate 100! Has students drawing themselves in 100 seconds and 100 years. The results are usually cute as pie! I always enjoy showing pictures of centenarians to get their ideas flowing. The other blank rectangle is for students to write and decorate their first name in. 
  • Use your own writing sheet and give each child a copy of a blown up 100 dollar bill to attach to the top. Have students write a story or a list of what they would spend $100 on.

More Fun Ideas

  • Use the poem “100 is a Lot!” from Scholastic’s Phonics Awareness Songs and Rhymes to celebrate the day and complete language arts activities in rhyming.  Download 100 Is a Lot Poem
  • Play “Secret Message”. Give each child a 1 to 100 grid and call out the following numbers in random order.  I actually just say some of the numbers outright, but for many I give different math clues such as “ The next number is one more then 33” or “The next number equals 40 + 2”.When all of the numbers are colored in, it will be the number 100! It is such a simple thing but my kids always get a  kick out of it. 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29     30,32, 34, 36, 38     40, 42, 44, 46, 48     50, 52, 54, 56, 58    60, 62, 64, 66, 68      70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79,     80  
  • One year I borrowed pattern blocks from several teachers and my students had the pattern block challenge to 100.  Students had to count out 100 pattern blocks and place them in rows of ten so I could check. Then they had to create a design or picture using only those 100 pattern blocks. We took pictures of the amazing results and the artists and hung them in the hallway for all to enjoy! 
  • Another fun art activity would be to use 100 toothpicks and mini marshmallows to create a sculpture. Students could even add color with washable paint and maybe even glitter. I admit I have never attempted this myself but I always thought it was such a cool idea to try. If anyone does this you have to send me photos! 
  • Get in some different movement activity throughout the day; have students do 100 jumping jacks, clap 100 times, be silent for 100 seconds, close eyes for 100 seconds, hug around a circle 100 times, jump 100 times, hold your breath for 100 seconds etc. The 100 seconds of silence will be blissful, watching which kids try to fake it and hold their breath for 100 seconds will reduce you to tears and hugging 100 times around a circle wil feel awesome!     
  • Put a social responsibility spin on the 100th Day celebration by sponsoring a school wide effort to collect 10,000 pennies ($100) to donate to a local charity.
  • Of course there is the classic “100 Day Museum” where students bring in their own collections of 100 items. Here are some ideas for you to pass on to your students if you decide you would like to do something like that; pennies, beans, toothpicks, noodles, cheerios, tiny sticks, rocks, bottle caps, ribbons, pencils, paperclip necklace, Lego’s, stickers, crayons, puzzle pieces, Cheerios, Fruit Loops, raisins, peanuts, banana chips, popcorn, fish crackers, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, M&Ms, marshmallows etc.

If you have any creative 100th Day ideas to share, I would love for you to leave a comment so we can all add to the fun of this day!

“When is Arthur Loofa King Day?” Kaleandra from Ms. Atkinson’s Class 2006-2007

100 Hall Display

100 Keishuna

100 Mark

100 Angel

100 Story Kerianah

100 Fill In Chart


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