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Valentine Activities

Here are a few quick and fun activities with the theme of Valentine's Day!

  • Cut out a heart shape and glue each students name in a fancy font at the top.  Pass each heart around to every student, and they write one thing on it that they like about that person.  Display hearts on top of a tree trunk and title “The Loving Tree”.  Read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” to go with this activity.  
  • Students can complete several rhyme pattern sentences  “____are red. _____ are blue. _____is sweet! And so are you!” and illustrate a corresponding picture.  
  • Title a display “Heart to Heart”, and have students illustrate one of the following phrases that contain the word “heart”. The pictures they come up with can be so sweet and it is a fun way to discuss idioms! An idiom is an accepted phrase having a meaning other than the literal. “Heart” words or phrases you can use:  be still my beating heart, have a heart, speaking from the heart, heart throb, heart warming, in a heartbeat, heart sick, soft hearted, heart of stone, light hearted, key to my heart, don’t pull my heart strings, hear felt, heart of gold, heart burn, heart broken, hearts on fire, pour your heart out. Afterwards, the illustrations make a great class book! 
  • Pass out a secret name to each student and then they will be in charge of creating a “secret” handmade Valentine” for them during class time.  Supply pictures, glitter, yarn, doiles etc to decorate it with.  
  • Make a collage of things that are pink, red and white. (yarn, paper, magazine pictures etc.) 
  • For a take home/family activity, give each child a tag board heart along with these instructions:  “Each child and his or her family, using their imagination and any materials they have around the home, are to decorate their family heart and then send it back to school.”  
  • Have a pink bubble gum blowing contest, I usually have three students per round, and of course there is several minutes of warm up mouth exercising and discussion of bubble blowing techniques!

Teacher Humor: When a teacher asked her class if they knew what the four seasons were, one boy replied “Football, basketball, baseball and golf!”. 

Valentine 1

Valentine 2


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