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Technology in the Classroom III

Here is Part III of quick tech ideas that I have completed with my 1st graders over the past several years. Many of the PDF examples I am sharing with you were done in Kid Pix. We now have Pixie in our computer lab, so a few of the ideas will have come from that program. In many ways the two programs are very similar, so you should have no trouble adapting the ideas! Hopefully you will find something here that you can use with your own students or maybe these lessons will inspire an idea of your own!


One of our final big science units of the year is about animal groups. Using Pixie is a fun and educational way to have student show me what they have learned and to work on their writing skills. The first PDF has the student finding insect stamps and then writing several things she learned about insects. The second PDF has students choose their favorite mammals and then label them each with their correct name.

Download Facts About Insects 

Download Mammals 


I am always pushing my students to use their imagination and stretch their mind, so this little activity came out of a conversation I had with a student who had an idea to create their own imaginary world and write about it. I loved the idea, and had no stipulations about the assignment except that they used adjectives to describe their fantasy world. The results were fantastic; worlds from outer space, under the ocean, underground, in houses. Here is one of the creations about a park with “hot, colorful rainbows and a shiny sun”.

Download Fantasy Worlds 


With the end of the year approaching, everyone is talking about end of the year school parties and summer birthdays. Wouldn’t it be fun to create some invitations of your own to a party you would like to host? We did just that with some adorable results. Cristella wanted to have a doll party, you only had to bring a “pertty” doll.  At Jasmine’s tea party, you had to bring sweet tea. Finally, at Emilee’s pool party you had to bring “babing suots”! This was over five years ago, and I remember that Emilee chose a decorative boarder of gingerbread men because they looked like they were “naked and tan but with bathing suits on”.

Download Doll Party Invitation 

Download Tea Party Invitation 

Download Pool Party Invitaton 

That really is the best part of teaching the little ones, they say the cutest, sweetest, right on things so much of the time. It helps me to never lose track of the wonder and humor in each day. Check out my parting quote from one of my students this year that he made last week. We were discussing an informational book we were about to read in our guided reading groups and I asked if anyone had an idea how crayons were made. Nathan, who I must admit often has these cute as pie answers, said “You take pieces out of a rainbow and then lay them out in the sun and then they get hard and dry.” I so was tempted to just put the book away for another day and say “Awesome answer, you are so right! Isn’t that just the coolest thing?” 


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