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Bulletin Boards: Spring Has Sprung!

One of the best things about teaching at Metz is the fact that all of my colleagues take such time and care to keep our hallways looking beautiful with student work. These displays allow everyone to have a glimpse on what is being taught in each room and are also excellent learning tools. I took some time last week to photograph many of these gorgeous displays to share with you. It is one thing to read an idea for a bulletin board in a magazine, but quite another to see a teacher's and her students handiwork! Enjoy!

In my own classroom, we are currently working on a long science unit about different animal groups. This shows the student's art project of birds in their nest and their corresponding writing activity.

Atkinson Birds

The students get very creative with their birds. They learn that the male is usually more colorful then the female and sometimes make one of each. In this case, my student wanted two males in her nest "so they could both look pretty." This is just a simple sheet I give the students with branch, nest leaves and circle cutouts for the birds, but they put it together in many different creative ways!

A Bird Picture

On a cute matching bird shaped page, students wrote facts that they were learning about birds in their own words "Birds are cold blood. Their wings keep them warm."

A Bird Writing

Our Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Nusinow had the students paint some stunning pictures that showed winter trees all bare and cold and then how the warmth of the sun would help them bloom to show the flowers of spring!

Nusinow Art

Miss. Loso is working on simple parts of flowers with her class. I like how she hung lovely flower art and science activity sheets to show the different ways her students were processing the information.

Loso Flower Parts

Our state of Texas is of course known for it's gorgeous wildflower season in the spring thanks to Lady Bird Johnson. The bluebonnet is our state flower and her students did lovely replica's of the flowers that seem to be popping up everywhere this time of year. I love using glitter!

Perry's Bluebonnets

Mrs. Whitten's bilingual class proclaims that "Spring is Here!" Her class had been conduction observations of the red bud tree outside in our peace garden and created this springtime display to show off their work.

Whitten Spring 1

The students used their own hand prints to create the tree trunk and then added pink tissue paper flowers. What a sweet keepsake.

Whitten Spring 2

Students wrote about their observations and added a hand drawn illustration.

Whitten Spring 5

Miss Pineyro's Pre K class is showing how they are growing- in learning and by planting seeds! I absolutely love seeing this fantastic colorful rainbow created from her students class every time I pass this in the hallway. It is hard to see in this picture, but each flower has a photo of the student in the middle.

Pineyro's Blooming

Miss Loso not only had a hallway display, she also had one of the big bulletin board assignments this months and her student's ladybugs are LOVELY! This board had facts, a poem and art work. What a great way to catch everyone's eye and teach us about the parts of a ladybug!

Loso LB 1

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams


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