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Tour Angela's 4th Grade Classroom

Angela Bunyi, a teacher at Barfield Elementary, has made her portable 4th grade classroom an oasis in Murfreesboro, TN. Learn more.


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Angela Bunyi

Hey Marie,

I look forward to meeting you as well! Another set of teachers found me through Scholastic and spent some time in our room this week. It was really neat being able to see a face behind the words written here on this blog (one had posted a comment somewhere on this blog, the other hadn't posted but had read the blog). I'm just happy that you don't have to travel too far to see us. It also feels great to know that many of the posted resources have helped you in your classroom!

Marie Loyacano

Love your website!!!! I' ve joined the Daily Cafe and I made a reading strategies and comprehension strategies boards-You are very inspiring and have already gave me so many great ideas! Thank you for all the tips on building a website! I can't wait to observe your class in October!!!!

Angela Bunyi


I am envisioning Maine this time of year...it must be beautiful. And thank you for taking the time to write me. You may have noticed I gave the main page another facelift. I keep changing the look of the web page, and I've come to the conclusion that it is like a doll for me. I am always wanting to give it a new outfit. I'm happy to hear that you have found this site and my home site helpful. :)

And thank you for giving me the confidence to keep adding more throughout the year.

Mary Foltz

I just have to thank you for your resources and strong website. I teach 6th grade in Maine and this is my third year. I find that I continuely come to your site for positive resources. I can't thank you enough!!!

Mary Foltz


Wow, I love your classroom and all that you have done! Thanks for sharing. I walked into my library and our media specialist had in her hand a flip video. I went crazy! I was the first one to use it. I walked back in my room and videotaped a monarch coming out of the chrysalis with my students. It was so easy! I did want to ask you about Coco. Where did you get him? Did you make him? I would like to do something with our social studies unit similar to his adventures. Please let me know. Thanks....Have a great year Diann

From Angela:

How funny about the Flip Video. I honestly carry one around EVERYWHERE I go. The coolest thing is that you can hook it up to your TV and play it back for students that were absent.

To answer the Coco question. I bought him at Target last year. He was in the girl's toy section where the puppets are. I am not sure if anymore are available, but I'd love to hear what your plans are for social studies. I could always use help in this area!


Editing is not an option tonight, so I can't go back to add/change my post. Here is the actual direct link:


Angela Bunyi

No you are my hero because I just logged on to reply to another, local post (my first two local posts back to back!), making this a one stop deal for me. Here's the deal on the turning in work procedures:

I purchased the stars and containers at Walmart (in the craft section) and just added velcro strips on the pocket chart. I stopped using it for a few days due to two heavy days of school testing (Thinklink and benchmark testing) and had my first large batch of missing grades. We are back on the system again, and I think it makes a big difference! It's nice to visually see who is missing what with ease. I hope it helps you this year.

Also, I need to look your photo up. If you ever see me out around town, please stop me and say hello!

For those wanting to know more about how we turn work in, here is the video demonstrating our procedures. It is a direct link:

LIsa Jimison

Hi Angela,

I teach fourth grade at Eagleville, just down the road from you, and I just watched your system for turning in work....YOU are my hero...Where did you get your little stars and that cool round container you have them in... also is that a pocket chart that you have the names and you added Velcro???

Lisa Jimison
Fourth grade

Angela Bunyi


Okay, the reading salad:
Believe it or not, I video taped the entire lesson and haven't posted it online. I will do that shortly (10 minutes in length-so I don't know how the download will look yet). I got the idea from Reading Connections by Tanny McGregor- one of my favorites. It is to demonstrate how we make connections with the text we read. In essence, I asked for two volunteers and gave these directions:
When I point to the text, you throw in red tomatoes/text...when I point to my head, you throw in green lettuce/thinking. I then modeled the thinking occurring while reading, showing that the two need to go together. I also hinted that some have a lot of tomatoes in the mix, but that doesn't make a salad! If this doesn't make sense, hopefully the video will once I post it on my site (www.mrsbunyi.com).

CAFE board:
Last year, we posted the strategies as they were taught on the CAFE board. This is what the Sisters recommend. However, this year, I posted the critical ones already and made a laminated version for each student to individually keep. It is double-sided. The front page is a small copy of our CAFE board and the back is a copy of our Writing Target board. When I meet with each student, I use highlighting tape to color-code which skills have been mastered and which ones need to be focused on. I will also post this online within the next day or two (under both the reading and writing workshop link).

Best to you,

Monica Anguiano


I am a fourth grade teacher in San Antonio, TX. I recently came
across your site and have found some great ideas. I have two questions
though. You posted a picture of a reading salad. What is that and how
do you use it? Second...the literacy cafe. Are students suppose to
post the strategies under each category once they are conferenced with.
Can you please explain it to me?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Monica Anguiano

Angela Bunyi


1) Readers Bill of Rights...I had it written at the bottom of my site, but it is oddly gone. I will repost it shortly, but here is the original:
Daniel Pennac's

The Reader's Bill of Rights

1. The right to not read

2. The right to skip pages

3. The right to not finish

4. The right to reread

5. The right to read anything

6. The right to escapism

7. The right to read anywhere

8. The right to browse

9. The right to read out loud

10. The right to not defend your tastes

2) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Reader's Notebook by Fountas and Pinnell. It is well worth the money to me. The free versions, which are 100% identical, would require massive copying, hole punching, and a larger notebook for each child. The copies of each page can be found at Beth Newingham's site (google that one), and I believe she uses sheet protectors as well. Personally, it did not work for me or my kids last year. Having them bring the large notebook to conference was a pain, but it isn't now. Already, I can see a HUGE benefit in the bought version and encourage you to look at the paid version if you have the budget!

Best wishes to you,

Angela Bunyi

Laura Sims

Hi Angela,
You have an amazing website! I'm hooked! I have two questions, if you don't mind... 1) I couldn't find the "Readers Bill of Rights" you mentioned. 2) Where can the Fountas & Pinnell Readers Notebook pages be printed off? You mentioned that you'd done that one year.

Thanks so much!
Laura/4th grade/SC

Angela Bunyi

Just let me know if you have any other questions about Intelliscanner for your books. I'd be happy to share what I know. Too bad delicious monster is only Mac friendly. I thought it had a PC version available as well.

And, really, keep in touch. Visitors are always welcome. :)

P.S. I "taught" today and held Open House with a lost voice. SO fun!

Laura D.

Thanks for the information about your library. I checked out delicious monster, but I don't have a Mac, so I am going to research the Intelliscanner a little more. I would love to come visit sometime. I'll be in touch!

Have a great week!

Angela Bunyi


The Scholastic tour is from my room last year (the last week of school actually). I think I have made some major improvements this year, including an awesome couch from Pier 1 and curtains from Global Market. My new tour can be viewed at: http://www.bar.rcs.k12.tn.us/teachers/virtual_tour_08.html Check that out if you have a second.

And a side note- I bought the picture frames for a $1.50 each at Walmart. It really helps for those odd spaces around the room.

Hoping I will be able to assist you all year long :)

Lisa McCarthy

Thank you for posting your classroom tour! It gave me so many great ideas for my room. I especially love your "home away from home" items (picture frames, chairs, flowers, etc). Your library is impressive and inspiring! I'm sure I'll be using this blog and your website for ideas all year!

Angela Bunyi

Well come on down neighbor! No really, we had lots of visitors last year, and I like to have that little bit of pressure throughout the year...it keeps me fresh and on my toes.

As far as the Intelliscanner program. It was cheaper when I purchased it, but I believe that is the same one. It comes with just a scanner and a software key to activate it via the Internet. The site also offers bar codes, just like the ones you would see in a library. I couldn't afford it with the amount of books I have, but I thought it would be interesting to have it.

Be warned though- This is not an easy project if you have 2,500+ books! I had a parent spend two entire weeks posting my books on the program after informally working on it during the previous year. Also, it helps to know that although a box says it is for recording the publishing year, you can choose to post the level or genre of the book. This means you can add as little or as much information as needed. The website is great as well.

Overall, I recommend what I use, but with all this said, one other site looks REALLY interesting to me. It's http://www.delicious-monster.com/. It uses a webcam to scan the ISBN and costs 40 dollars. What is most interesting is the design layout when you finish. It creates nice visual bookshelves that you can browse. Check that out before making a decision! I am curious myself.

Laura Duncan

I loved touring your classroom and am excited to have a "neighbor" to learn from this year. I am not far from Murfreesboro in Spencer, TN. I am very interested in the Intelliscanner that you mentioned for organizing your library. I have so many books and want to organize them so that my students and I can find what we need when we need it, but the task is so daunting. Do you use the Media Collector 300? I priced it at $149 and wondered if that price includes everything that is needed to catalog books. Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated!!! Have a great year!

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