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A Few of My Favorite Things on Scholastic


I will be honest. I still remember how overwhelmed I was when I had the task of getting familiar with all the site has to offer last summer. There is a lot! So, while I have searched high and low with the plethora of information offered on Scholastic, I'd like to share my top 5 favorite resources on Scholastic...

Kid Lit Kit


J_b_photo_2 For any book loving teacher, I know how the bookstore routine goes. You are the one flopped on the floor with books all around you. You don't care how you look. You just want to find that new, wonderful book. Well, let the folks at Kid Lit Kit help you out. They are super knowledgeable and quick with the newest releases and reviews. In other words, they know their "stuff."

And, if it isn't enough to have someone else do the searching and reviewing for you, how does cool gifts, prizes and weekly raffles sound like? A message from Jeremy (pictured to the left): "I would love to see some of your literature-based lesson plans.  As a bit of an incentive, I have cool gifts, prizes and weekly raffles.  What’s in it for me? Well, I get your feedback on a new Beta.  Yes, it’s that simple. Just send me an email and I’ll send you an invite"

Visit Jeremy's direct post on the new Beta here. With many teachers being observed this time of year (including myself last week), you might want to forward it on to him. Visit Kid Lit Kit here.

The Stacks: Ink Splot 26

StacksOne of my many mantras includes "the school way and the real way have to match up."  That is one of the reasons I like the newly introduced Stacks. It has all the resources a reader would need to find information on a book while reaching out to the tech. savvy kids that use sites like MySpace and Youtube. The Stacks offers games, videos, profile set up, active blogging on topics of interest, and it makes books sound "cool" with titles like: "Cool Books to Check Out" and "The Scene." This is a great resource and is often showcased on the main page of Scholastic as well. It also happens to mimic the real look of high interest sites kids look at outside of school hours.

At minimum, I would visit this portion of the site to look at the author interviews. Author interviews rock!



I was actually introduced to StudyJams last year by an awesome teacher friend. It was love at first karaoke clip.  What I like about this resource is that it not only has video clips like the popular Brainpop but offers much more! This includes slide-shows, karaoke, and hip characters to relate to the 3-5 crowd. Visit StudyJams today to begin a free trial. You'll want to purchase it for the rest of the year after that.

Teacher Book Wizard: BookAlike


This is a total gem. If you have ever had a student that wanted to read Harry Potter but wasn't quite ready or if you have ever had a student that will read nothing but Harry Potter...visit Teacher Book Wizard and all will be well! This site allows you to type in a book title and search for a similar book or a book that is like it but on a harder or easier level.  I have used this tool for conferences several times.  When a student says, "I like Matt Christopher, but I am getting a little tired of the series. Can you help me find another book?" you will be ready to show them the computer.

My Fellow Teacher Advisors

Connect1 Of course, I can not mention Scholastic resources without mentioning my super team of Teacher Advisors this year.  I have been visiting each of their blogs on a weekly basis and have found useful information from each blog. If you have not become familiar with these faces, check them out sometime soon. You can find a list of all the bloggers here.

A few of our recent articles and lesson plans include:

The Homework Dilemma which includes articles from each of us.

The Power of Formative Assessment which includes how we are incorporating ongoing assessment through our lessons.

P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog and posting comments. It keeps me going and brightens my day.


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Millionaire Maker

You guys do a wonderful job writing and posting such good articles, I am a regular visitor to your site.

Angela Bunyi


It's one of my favorites and really helps when a student is interested in a book they are not quite ready for...or if they need to try a new author that is similar.




Thanks for the information on BookAlike. I didn't know about this wonderful resource, and I plan on using it in the classroom.


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