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Fluency Concerns: Is the Book Just Too Hard?


With fluency being one of the components of reading, it’s no wonder why so many products are on the market now.  However, it seems some fluency products have made it more complex than it needs to be. 

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Reading Response: Creating Quality Reflections

Revisiting the Reader's Notebook


My class takes some time each week to reflect on their reading and growth as a reader. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these letters each week. Recently, however, the writing quality has started to deteriorate for a few students. I knew it was time to stop, reflect, and model what meaningful reflections look like with my kids. And although I have posted on the use of a reader's notebook in our classroom, I thought it might be helpful to share how I got our writing "back on track" with a little modeling and review time.

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Management Based on Trust

Blog Pop Quiz:  How do your kids handle a substitute?

a) They’re wonderful with a substitute and my students eagerly share their news of excellent behavior with me when I return.  This action is then rewarded through some measure or behavior system (e.g. marble jar, stickers, points toward a PJ party).

b) My class is great for me, but they are horrible with a substitute. I dread the note on return and usually have to deduct points of some sort for their actions.

c) My class is rowdy with me and even rowdier with a substitute. I’d rather come in sick!

d) Things run as usual. The substitute leaves a note that the class was very helpful and the room is clean. There are a few notes from your kids wishing you well (if you were sick), and the usual routines are completed (e.g. tomorrow’s date on the board, pencils sharpened, vacuuming, etc.) There are no “rewards” given to the students when you return, just a gracious and authentic “I can always count on you” during your morning meeting together.

Let’s see what your answer may reveal!

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A Few of My Favorite Things on Scholastic


I will be honest. I still remember how overwhelmed I was when I had the task of getting familiar with all the site has to offer last summer. There is a lot! So, while I have searched high and low with the plethora of information offered on Scholastic, I'd like to share my top 5 favorite resources on Scholastic...

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Reading Strategy Charts and Bulletin Boards


I am always looking for new ideas to teach and support reading strategies to my class. I usually have a pile of four professional books that get browsed while making my lesson plans during the weekend. Sometimes I wish these resources were all combined into one book, as I use them all frequently. Here are some of the charts and bulletin boards I have used from Debbie Miller, Tanny McGregor, and Stephanie Harvey to teach inferring, questioning, metacognition, and nonfiction text features.

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