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Cell Parts and Functions Music Video

Want some help teaching cell parts and functions? Here is a cell music video my class created in class using portions of Mr. Duey's performance of the song "Cells" at our school. My next lesson plan posted on Scholastic will explain how we created the video together in class. I will be posting another cell video shortly that involves awesome animation using CrazyTalk 5.1, a green screen, and ULead Video Studio. It will focus on the differences between animal and plant cells.

A great site to visit on cells- www.cellsalive.com. More learning from our room can be found here.


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Angela Bunyi

I'd be happy to...I have an upcoming article on using technology in the classroom. I, of course, included Ulead as a tool to use in the classroom.


Amie Hoffner

Hi Angela,

Corel acquired Ulead VideoStudio in 2006, and I'd like to learn more about how the edcational music video was created for your class. Please contact me at amie.hoffner@corel.com.

Amie Hoffner
Sr. PR Manager, Digital Media
Corel Corporation

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