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Test Prep: The Great BamBunyi Method

You have to create a little fun in this high demand job we call teaching. I'd lose my mind if I didn't allow myself to look a little crazy in front of the kids every now and then. So, let's steal a little idea from Johnny Carson to introduce the Great BamBunyi (Bam-Boone-yee) method of successful test prep. You just might enjoy yourself in the process.

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Creating Magazine Covers of Your Students


One of the computer programs I adore is Print Artist Gold 22. It costs less than twenty dollars and is my resource for creating newsletters, posters, and signs. It also has a built in template to help create magazine covers for each of your students. I am using these covers to help create portfolios for each student and would like to share how easy it is to do so with your class as well.

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Literacy Scheduling and Planning

A look into my portable of fun!

I remember my biggest worry before starting my teaching internship was that I wouldn't know how to fill the day. Seven hours seemed like a long time. Now, one of my largest struggles as an educator is trying to fit it all in. So many requirements. So many pushes. So many pressures. How we get anything completed now is an amazing feat on its own. Here is my schedule and planning under the literacy umbrella. I hope it helps you in some way.

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Staying Organized, Balanced, and Happy

Some of my important organizing tools

With my son in kindergarten and my husband working full-time while taking two evening courses and completing an internship, I have no choice but to step it up on the organization scale. My top goal is to be happy and be a good mother, and I've been happy with the results so far. This might be one of the longest posts I've had (classroom, self, and home), but I believe this is the most important factor to me feeling successful in the teaching world.

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Government 101: Yes We Can!

Recycle some Christmas tree branches for the sake of teaching government

By chance, my government unit blends right into the real-world political scene as we welcome our 44th President, Barack Obama, through the Inauguration Ceremony on January 20th. Can you think of a better time to stop and talk about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Amendments, and the 3 Branches of Government? I can't, and I am happy these concepts fall under our fourth grade teaching standards. I'd like to share my lesson plans and direct resources being used to teach this unit.

*Pictured: A Christmas tree branch, a hook that screws into the branch, fishing line, index cards, and some leaves= "Branches" of Government project.

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Everybody Needs A Goal

*Our finished garden photo added 1/10/09.


Maybe it was Byrd Baylor's book, I'm in Charge of Celebrations, where the character says we should celebrate the new year in spring when things feel like they are changing and blooming, but I've never cared much for the whole New Year's Resolution "thing". I agree that it is just another cold winter day to me.  All this said, this year brings new excitement, and I would like to share a quick, cheap twist to writing out New Year's Resolutions with your class.

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