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Digging Deeper with Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday is coming up this week, so I thought I would share how powerful and relevant his stories can be to growing and developed readers. I recommend five of his books to discuss symbolism, history, and schema; these books show that there is more than meets the eye when we read.

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Helping Students Read through a Balanced Classroom Library

Making reading something to look forward to

I had a former student make his way to my classroom Friday afternoon. He quietly said, "Mrs. Bunyi, how are you? I am going to the Grand Canyon soon, and I was wondering if you had a book I could borrow before I go." I knew exactly where to go and sent him on his way within a matter of seconds. Honestly, it felt great to be able to place that book in his hands. It also felt wonderful to have a system that made it easy to find the requested books.

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Scholastic Teacher Share Beta

Bonus: The ramblings of a sick lady (including random sites of the week!)

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I am rooting for the little engine that could. Scholastic has started up a new resource that allows teachers to create, edit, and share classroom lessons and ideas. Unlike other resources out there (ex-www.proteacher.com), Scholastic's version has a Facebook twist to it. You should check it out today. I believe Jeremy and Danielle are throwing out incentives for lesson plan ideas right now. Do you get that with your principal? I think not!

To learn more about this resource, with links, and some flu ramblings of my own (diagnosed yesterday and writing this from my bed), continue reading on. I might be all over the place, but I blame Tamiflu, a steroid shot, and Robitussin with codeine for my mental decline.

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Regional Tour through Google Earth and Video Conferences


So, this is not a post...it's a plea. Our class is currently completing a tour around the United States regions using various web sites and Google Earth.  We'd love to chat with you, should your class choose to be our regional representative via a video conference.  Live outside of the Southeast? Have a Skype account? In grades 3-5? You pass the test. There is still a glitch with the comments that is being worked out. Email me if you are interested, and we'll set something up soon. bunyia@rcs.k12.tn.us

As an added bonus, I am including a quick "how to" for video conferencing. Pictured above was a video conference with a special education teacher in Mumbia, India.

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Teaching Moon Phases

I guess science has been on my mind lately. I believe it's called Science Olympiad, and I'm in charge of it. Anyway, I promise to return to my usual literacy state of mind with the next post, but before I do, let's take a moment to look at some incredible resources for teaching moon phases. From a great music resource I dub my new favorite, instructions on making a Moon Phase Transporter, fun with Strep cookies, and (I'm not humble) an Oscar worthy performance in our latest class video, I've got your back on lesson plans. 

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Teaching Cause and Effect through Mistakes


I love Mistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions and How They Came to Be by Charlotte Foltz Jones and think this book is a fun way to talk about real-life cause and effect scenarios. From post-it notes to Velcro, this is a highly entertaining book!

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Science Inquiry and Science Notebooking

A look into a science notebook... 

Many districts provide hands-on science kits to help teach science through a hands-on, inquiry based approach. While all the kits are a great resource, I particularly enjoy our electricity unit. From creating a filament to testing out conductors and inductors, we record our thoughts and observations through science notebooking. If you are not familiar with these kits, I'd like to share a sample of videos, pictures, and writings from our current electricity kit. I have also included a slide show of a student's science notebook for you to view.

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Create a Valentine's Venn-O-Gram Chart


Considering our class will be on a full day field trip during the unofficial "Valentine's Day" festivities, I thought I would share a quick academic tie-in to the month of love. I combined my love of books and libraries by reading The Librarian Who Measured the Earth and held a discussion on how our libraries differ now compared to 2,000 years ago in Greece. It just made sense to turn the Venn-Diagram into a Valentine Venn-O-Gram instead. Continue reading to view the book I used for this lesson along with a list of books that teach about libraries.

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