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Scholastic Teacher Share Beta

Bonus: The ramblings of a sick lady (including random sites of the week!)

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I am rooting for the little engine that could. Scholastic has started up a new resource that allows teachers to create, edit, and share classroom lessons and ideas. Unlike other resources out there (ex-www.proteacher.com), Scholastic's version has a Facebook twist to it. You should check it out today. I believe Jeremy and Danielle are throwing out incentives for lesson plan ideas right now. Do you get that with your principal? I think not!

To learn more about this resource, with links, and some flu ramblings of my own (diagnosed yesterday and writing this from my bed), continue reading on. I might be all over the place, but I blame Tamiflu, a steroid shot, and Robitussin with codeine for my mental decline.

From Scholastic's Teacher Share Site

Join the BETA of TeacherShare — an exciting, brand-new way to connect with fellow educators, and create, edit, and share classroom resources. Get quick, easy access to thousands of lesson plans and teaching materials, and get your lessons featured on Scholastic.com. Be one of the founding members of this amazing social community on Scholastic.com.

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So, not much time is left before this blog is coming to an end. I am already sad, but I hope I have addressed a variety of helpful topics for you. If you would like to email me with future post ideas, I would be more than happy to ramble on for you one Saturday morning. bunyia@rcs.k12.tn.us. And yes, I respond to every email.

FYI- If you are ever in the East Nashville area, you should stroll past the "Garage Mahal" and take a stop at "I Dream of Wienie." You will find a converted VW van that serves up the best hot dogs ever. That is where I found this adorable sign. My sister happens to live down the street in this funky, eclectic part of town.

Sites of Interest from a Rambling Sick Girl

~ http://home.att.net/~tom.brodhead/wonka.htm. I was fascinated reading about the director of the original Willy Wonka movie (aka- the better version). Roald Dahl's literal screenplay was thrown out the window and adapted by David Seltzer instead.  All those cool lines in the movie...all from classic works of literature (ex- Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and Oscar Wilde, to name a few). Get a line by line origination at this site, and learn how David Seltzer's love for Lewis Carroll turned this movie into what we know now.


See the uncanny resemblance between Gene Wilder and Lewis Carroll? Coincidence? I think not!

~www.songsofhigherlearning.com. Shortly after I posted about this AWESOME resource, a make-over on the site was in the works. Although I found the old version easier to navigate, it is still being worked on according to my email response in question. The songs and lyrics should be ready to download and listen to by tomorrow. Very cool songs to teach just about anything in your room. I rate it a high "10!"

~ www.tickettoread.com. Have you looked at this site? I would not recommend it for established readers, as it requires students to read a passage 3 times (talk about a bore if you understood it the first time around), but I really like the Webkins twist to it. After you read and answer questions, you earn points to decorate your reading nook. I am trying it out now with my RTI students, who seem to enjoy it.

http://www.tickettoread.com/about/index.jsp This video gives a nice, quick overview.

http://www.raz-kids.com. I used this resource last year, and I am thinking about using it again for literacy rotations in the afternoons. If you are familiar with www.readinga-z.com, then this is the ebook version where students have access to an assigned library (ex- book levels R-T). Students can be asked to take a test after reading books online. A video overview can be found on the main page. Maybe I need to watch it, because I had some troubles assigning each student a username and password last year.

~ http://www.scholastic.com/minibooks/launch/?esp=MiniBooks/20090201/Com/728 This is Scholastic's version of leveled printable books for only $29.99. That's pretty good!

Time for Rest...

Clearly, when I start to create TV to text connections from Willy Wonka, I am in need of some rest. And now, the aches are settling in on my back in full force. The flu is calling me back to sleep, and I must obey. Although I wouldn't mind a good hot dog right now. "Veronica, can you stop by "I Dream of Wienie?' for me? I promise not to get your kids sick." Okay, that phone call won't work.


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