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Taking a Blog Writing Break

Although I am not on my school break, I have now declared this my non-writing blog weekend. Come back next Saturday for my next post.
FYI- There are only 5 more Saturday posts left for me this year. Have an idea you'd like me to post about? Let me know. I still have two requests that I have not followed up with...

Essays: Land of Debates


Photo: This really doesn't have anything to do with the post. Desperate times ask for random photos. I like photos.

As promised, I am back to give my report on Lucy Calkin's recommendations on teaching writers to live and write like essayists. So, jump on to the land of debates. Do we say down with the hamburger model and five sentence paragraphs or follow the pattern of real-life essays that vaguely resembles the "school way"? Come with me as I meander my thoughts on writing essays. As an added bonus, I have added the remaining portion of my notes taken during the conference.

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Writing Workshop Units of Study: A Day with Lucy Calkins

Photo: So the four hour drive shows in this photo. Oh well. I am adding it to my collection.

So my husband calls and informs me to check my email. "O-kay," I hesitantly obey, knowing something is in the works. An email from Heinemann. "You have a gift from Brayan Bunyi." I open it up to discover that my husband has surprised me with a trip to see Lucy Calkins in Memphis. Without saying a word my husband then says, "I'm the best husband in the world, huh?" He is. Really. I'd like to share the notes I took at her workshop and encourage you to become more familiar with this extremely talented powerhouse. Be warned though. This one is long.

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Teaching Conventions in Context: Author's Craft Study

New photo added 4/13


I distinctly remember teaching myself conventions through personal literature as a child. I even remember having trouble grasping a grammar lesson taught during the day, only to have an author teach me, through their writing, later that evening. I still believe the best way to learn grammar conventions is through observation- or what we call author's craft. What better resources do we have than professional authors to learn from? Plus, research clearly does not support teaching conventions in isolation. Here are a few things we do in the classroom to teach and apply conventions.

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Boys Write, Boys Read

With the beautiful weather around here, I always look forward to days of open windows, doors, and natural lighting. During writing and reading workshop, students are free to read/write in or out of the classroom (I station myself at the door to see both areas clearly). I was not surprised to see all of my boys head outdoors. The outdoors, along with other things, can become your venue to reading, writing, loving boys.

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