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Reflections on Having a Student Teacher

Bonus: Hear me on NPR's Morning Edition.
Photo Credit: Ann Marshall, NPR.

So, it's such an odd feeling when your student teacher leaves you for their next internship. Very odd. I don't quite know what to make of it. It made me question myself, mostly, and reflect on some things I hadn't thought about before. Three things to be exact.

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Everybody Needs A Goal

*Our finished garden photo added 1/10/09.


Maybe it was Byrd Baylor's book, I'm in Charge of Celebrations, where the character says we should celebrate the new year in spring when things feel like they are changing and blooming, but I've never cared much for the whole New Year's Resolution "thing". I agree that it is just another cold winter day to me.  All this said, this year brings new excitement, and I would like to share a quick, cheap twist to writing out New Year's Resolutions with your class.

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Halloween Vocabulary Book Parade


My school holds an annual character book parade on Halloween. The premise sounds great, kids dress up like characters from a book, but something smelled fishy to me last year. Noticing that this was still a Halloween parade with a strained tie to some book, I knew we could create a stronger tribute for bibliophiles alike. Thanks to Debra Frasier, author of Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster, we found a solution that is fun, cheap, and involves everyone!

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