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Taking a Blog Writing Break

Although I am not on my school break, I have now declared this my non-writing blog weekend. Come back next Saturday for my next post.
FYI- There are only 5 more Saturday posts left for me this year. Have an idea you'd like me to post about? Let me know. I still have two requests that I have not followed up with...

Everybody Needs A Goal

*Our finished garden photo added 1/10/09.


Maybe it was Byrd Baylor's book, I'm in Charge of Celebrations, where the character says we should celebrate the new year in spring when things feel like they are changing and blooming, but I've never cared much for the whole New Year's Resolution "thing". I agree that it is just another cold winter day to me.  All this said, this year brings new excitement, and I would like to share a quick, cheap twist to writing out New Year's Resolutions with your class.

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Stress Free Parent-Teacher Conferences


I can't be the only teacher that finds parent-teacher conference time stressful, right? Part of the stress comes from the fast pace, limited time, lack of food and restroom breaks, late evenings, and the worry that you may have an unhappy family member. This year I am taking several precautions to help ease the stress for my parents and myself. I am actually looking forward to my conferences this year and think parents will feel the same. Here are my before, during, and after conference tips:

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Building Community in Your Backyard


Last year I opened up my home/backyard for a weekend cookout. It was the second time that I had a get-together at my house with a class, and both occasions were really fun.  So fun, in fact, I decided to start the year off with a get together at my house. This elaborate ice-breaker of sorts was not only fun for students but allowed parents to meet and greet each other in a relaxed setting. Learn how ours came to fruition and why I am making this a teaching tradition from now on. While the weather is still warm, you might consider a get together with your class as well.

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Tour Angela's 4th Grade Classroom

Angela Bunyi, a teacher at Barfield Elementary, has made her portable 4th grade classroom an oasis in Murfreesboro, TN. Learn more.

A Theme That Will Grow On You


Creating a classroom theme can be both fun and motivating, but is it possible to find one that has a true meaning for your students as well as yourself? I wanted something that kept me motivated and focused, yet didn't require a make-over to a space we already find inviting. One quiet student helped me find what I was looking for, and the idea has quite literally "grown" from there. Maybe it will grow on you too.

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