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Organ Dissections: One Day Medical Residency at U of B

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Photo: These University of Bunyi medical students are shown dissecting and observing a pig heart.

I debated with myself this morning on what to write about. With about ten topics tempting me, I had to go with this one. Dissecting cow eyes, pig hearts, pig kidneys, and sheep brains just can't be ignored. So, put your medical scrubs on and see what happened at the University of Bunyi Medical School last week. 

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Teaching Moon Phases

I guess science has been on my mind lately. I believe it's called Science Olympiad, and I'm in charge of it. Anyway, I promise to return to my usual literacy state of mind with the next post, but before I do, let's take a moment to look at some incredible resources for teaching moon phases. From a great music resource I dub my new favorite, instructions on making a Moon Phase Transporter, fun with Strep cookies, and (I'm not humble) an Oscar worthy performance in our latest class video, I've got your back on lesson plans. 

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Science Inquiry and Science Notebooking

A look into a science notebook... 

Many districts provide hands-on science kits to help teach science through a hands-on, inquiry based approach. While all the kits are a great resource, I particularly enjoy our electricity unit. From creating a filament to testing out conductors and inductors, we record our thoughts and observations through science notebooking. If you are not familiar with these kits, I'd like to share a sample of videos, pictures, and writings from our current electricity kit. I have also included a slide show of a student's science notebook for you to view.

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Animated Cell Interview: CrazyTalk Program

So wonderful Scholastic contributor, Linda Foote, introduced me to CrazyTalk 5.1 last week. If you have never heard of this program before, you can turn photos or drawings into realistic pieces of animation. This includes eye, mouth, and head movement that goes with imported voice recordings. I downloaded the program on Sunday (49.00 dollars) and was finished with production on Wednesday.  All work was completed by the students, including the script, filming, editing, and tech. skills (ex- animation, green screen work, etc.). Photos from behind the scene are now included for your viewing pleasure.

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Cell Parts and Functions Music Video

Want some help teaching cell parts and functions? Here is a cell music video my class created in class using portions of Mr. Duey's performance of the song "Cells" at our school. My next lesson plan posted on Scholastic will explain how we created the video together in class. I will be posting another cell video shortly that involves awesome animation using CrazyTalk 5.1, a green screen, and ULead Video Studio. It will focus on the differences between animal and plant cells.

A great site to visit on cells- www.cellsalive.com. More learning from our room can be found here.

Top Five Resources for Incorporating Music in the Upper Grades


Until recently I was jealous of the music resources available to lower grade teachers.  It seemed like the market was limited to this age bracket, and it just seemed unfair.  However, now the tables have turned!  An abundance of resources can be found, purchased, and downloaded for the upper grade crowds. And, to top it off, the music really caters to the tastes of older kids. If you haven't found some of these resources yet, I'd like to share some of my finds with you. Integrating music into lesson plans has never been easier!

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