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How Sweet It Is!

Last week in our language arts department meeting, one of my colleagues, Lisa Armitage, shared an interesting idea with our staff. I thought you could use it to motivate your middle school students in any subject.

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RAP-Reaching All Parents

I am part of the RAP program in our district. RAP stands for Reaching All Parents. We have approximately 50 RAP teachers in our district and we service about 220 families, in 11 of our Title 1 Schools.

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Time to Celebrate

It's official....we made AYP and Performing Plus on our AIMS!! On August 26th, I wrote about
AIMS,our standarized test in Arizona, and how we had tried to build some excitement on our campus last year regarding AIMS. At that time, we had not been told officially our label. So I wanted to tell you what took place today on our campus.

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What I Wish My Teachers Knew About Me

I gave my students the following assignment: The 3 things I wish my teachers knew about me. I didn't have them sign their names. I just wanted them to be honest. Here are some of the responses.

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Election Time

Today I gave my students, in all 6 classes, the opportunity to vote for the President of the United States.

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