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Give Thanks

I decided to blog about being thankful this week. When I opened my local newspaper, the Arizona Republic on Monday, in the Living section, the headline read, “For a better life, say Thanks.”

The article stated that we were taught from an early age to say “thank you.” Now researchers are finding that it actually can improve out health, mentally and physically.

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Student Teachers Rock!

One of my colleagues, Ralph Carnesi, is finishing up the semester with a student teacher, Nick Gearing. I thought it would be helpful for all of us to read the views of a student teacher.

Nick's words:

I am finally graduating from Arizona State University after taking 6 years off from my education. I originally attended the University of Northern Colorado on a talent scholarship, but decided I was not on the right path for that particular time. I have spent the last 2 1/2 years as a Sundevil, and it's been a great experience, but I am ready to start this next chapter in my life. I am a graduate of Greenway Middle School and Paradise Valley High School, both of which are schools I have done my fieldwork in. I am a PVUSD guy, what can I say?

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What Would Middle Schoolers Change?

I decided to ask my students to list the 10 changes they would make in our middle school. I thought I could guess several of their choices. And indeed I was correct. I imagine that our lists would be similar, no matter where you teach. Here are the top ten choices of my students, in no particular order:

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Scholastic-My Homework Friend

All of the teacher advisors recently submitted their views on their homework policy.  If you would like to read our ideas, please take look at the following article:

The Homework Dilemma


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