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ABC Recall

While visiting in Jean Saragosa's classroom, one of our language arts teachers, I noticed her students writing while watching a documentary on the Japanese Internment Camps. As I walked around, I saw that they each had an "ABC Recall" sheet.

I found out that some of our social studies teachers use something like this, as well. So I asked Jean if she would mind sharing this with us. Jean has her students write short phrases that begin with each letter of the alphabet. She said they have to get creative with the letters, X,Z,Q.....for those they are allowed to use the beginning sound. Jean doesn't allow them to leave any blank. They do not get credit for unfinished letters.

The directions say they are allowed to use character names, setting, conflicts, rising action/falling action, climax or any other important information from the story. They also have a place in the bottom right hand corner to write the name of the story or movie.

I love this because the students have to pay attention in order to complete the page. Any subject area could benefit from using this worksheet. You could also use this for a book they are reading. I hope you find it useful.

Download abc_recall.pdf


Tama Martin

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Kelli Bradley

I found this idea to be very useful! I printed it off for my students to use, and it seemed quite effective. Thanks for sharing.

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