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Civil War Reenactment

Recently, students from our SCC team and our U of A team, joined together to reenact the Civil War. The seventh grade standards include the Civil War.

Concept 6: Civil War
and Reconstruction
(Note: The Civil War was
introduced in Grade 5.)
PO 1. Analyze the factors
leading to the Civil War:
a. role of abolitionists
and Underground
b. Sectionalism and States’
c. Westward expansion
d. Missouri and 1850
e. Dred Scott Decision
f. Kansas-Nebraska
PO 2. Determine the
significance of the following
events of the Civil War:
a. firing on Fort Sumter
b. major battles – Bull Run,
Antietam, Vicksburg,


Heidi Cocco, one of our teachers, started planning for this day back in the summer. She asked a teacher from a different middle school for help. Marci Olsen, from Desert Shadows Middle School, helped Heidi with her plans. She met with several volunteers that would help with the reenactment. Together, they strategized what they needed to make this day successful. Michael Donovan, the SCC Social Studies teacher, asked his team if they would agree to participate in this. Since the skills learned are a big portion of the 7th grade standards, they all agreed. Mr. Donovan taught the students about the Civil War, the famous generals and battles and why the Civil War was important. He also grouped the classes into battalion troops with a student leader as the general, a captain, and a sergeant. They practiced marching and line formations, as well as other battle field drills.

Ms. Cocco received help from an architect, Mr. Jolly. (The students know him as Captain Jolly) Mr. Jolly is from the Arizona Historical Society. Using Google, he mapped out the field at our school where the reenactment would take place. Ms. Cocco had items that the students could purchase. They were able to buy, at cost, flags, hats, uniform shirts, swords, and guns. Mr. Donovan made about 100 musket rifle guns with a skill saw. Each student was given a fate card which determined whether they would live, die, or be wounded in battle. The planning takes Ms. Cocco about 6 months. The students have to be taught all the information before the reenactment takes place. It takes a lot of volunteers to pull this off. A doctor from the Mayo Clinic even took part in the reenactment.

Each student keeps a journal of what it was like to be a soldier in each of the battles. They each have a real soldier's name, and they have to research their soldier and write a biography on him.

This took a lot of work to make this happen for the students. I think this is a great way to teach the Civil War. The students will always remember this day.




If you would like more information, please email me at sblair@pvschools.net and I will give you the two teachers' email addresses.

The following are the expectations and schedules for the day:

Download expectation_01.PDF

Download Schedules.pdf

Download Schedules0001.pdf

Download Schedules0002.pdf


Jennifer Coffman

Wow - how to bring a history lesson to life! What a great way to bring hands on learning to students.

Julie Bowsher

WOW... that looks so great. It is seriously so amazing how much time and prep work goes into putting on an event like this!!! I love how you guys brought to life a time in history!!!

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