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End of the Semester

As first semester of 2008 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you an idea our principal, Jesse Acosta, has initiated. This is an idea that you might want to share with your principal to start second semester at your school.

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Civil War Reenactment

Recently, students from our SCC team and our U of A team, joined together to reenact the Civil War. The seventh grade standards include the Civil War.

Concept 6: Civil War
and Reconstruction
(Note: The Civil War was
introduced in Grade 5.)
PO 1. Analyze the factors
leading to the Civil War:
a. role of abolitionists
and Underground
b. Sectionalism and States’
c. Westward expansion
d. Missouri and 1850
e. Dred Scott Decision
f. Kansas-Nebraska
PO 2. Determine the
significance of the following
events of the Civil War:
a. firing on Fort Sumter
b. major battles – Bull Run,
Antietam, Vicksburg,


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ABC Recall

While visiting in Jean Saragosa's classroom, one of our language arts teachers, I noticed her students writing while watching a documentary on the Japanese Internment Camps. As I walked around, I saw that they each had an "ABC Recall" sheet.

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