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MLK Day is approaching. I thought I would give some suggestions where to find some ideas for teaching your students.

Slide show on scholastic.com:

List of questions:

Photos and lesson plans:

Lots of teaching ideas for all grade levels on this scholastic site:

Go to the Teacher's Store at scholastic.com for a list of books you can purchase

Some great songs, worksheets, and vocabulary:

You can also have your students write songs, raps, stories, etc. and present to the class. I think showing the entire class a slideshow or if you have a computer lab, you could post the above websites for them to view and then have them write what they learned. You could also give them a list of questions for them to find the answers to by using the computer.

I hope this will give you some new websites and teaching ideas.


Kelli Bradley

Thanks for the resources. I found them to be extremely helpful!

Julie Bowsher

It is so great being able to share resources!!! Thank you soo much!!!

Courtney LeBelle

Thank you so much for all of your information! you are a great help!

Tama Martin

I love the idea of the students writing their own songs. What a wonderful way to see personalities come alive!!!! Thanks for all your great information.

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