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Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. Love is in the air (like middle school kids needed an excuse for their  racing hormones). Students are more concerned about getting balloons, cards, candy, and stuffed animals than school work.

So why fight it? Since I'm a Read 180 teacher and everyday they are either reading books silently, working on Read 180 on computers, or reading at the table with me, I thought I would surprise them with a change. This is the website that works well with my students: http://www.vocabulary.com/

Once you are on the website, click on Valentine's Day. Your students can either complete the puzzles online or you can make a hard copy for each of them. Here are the different choices:

This will give you several options to choose from and I think your students will enjoy any of these. You could allow them to work with a partner and discuss the answers at the end of each class.  

Another interesting website for Valentine's Day:


 On this site you can choose the following: word searches, crosswords, word ladders, math puzzles, unscramble messages

These range from beginner, easy, medium, to hard. You can make hard copies of all of these, as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!


JUlie Bowsher

This is great... fun worksheets are so gerat. What kid doesn't like fun worksheets to change things up a bit. Thank you so much for the needed materials!!!

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