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An Exciting School Day

On Wednesday, March 4th, we had 2 exciting events at our school. First, we had an assembly at our school with the motivational group, City Conquest. They were great! Can you remember school assemblies when you were in middle school? I sure do. It seemed like we had them quite often. We had different choirs, historical films (days before tv's were in every classroom), and plays for our assemblies. But the only assemblies we have now are the honor roll assemblies. So having City Conquest was a real treat. A group of young people that can relate to our students. One point that was brought out yesterday was that it takes 5 positive comments to overcome 1 negative comment. Think about all the negative comments our middle schoolers receive on a daily basis and the negative comments they make to others: peers, teachers, and family. If you are interested in having them come to your school, this is their website:

The second event was the March4Schools rally at the State Capital. Our state legislators cut over $350 million from public education. Arizona is facing a $3 billion dollar deficit for next year. We are facing the loss of teachers, classified personnel, and administrators in our district. Class sizes will increase. Arizona is last in the nation in per pupil education spending. So parents, students, and teachers all gathered at the capital to express our feelings on these issues. A lot of us rode buses and carried signs. The news media showed up. We were on the news on all the stations. I was disappointed that a picture was not on the front page of the Arizona Republic newspaper this morning, though. This was my first protest. It was really encouraging to be with my fellow colleagues and showing support for public education. Some of the legislators that support public education came out in support. Many did not! Here is a slideshow that one of my colleagues, Bryan Smith, sent out to our staff.


Kelli Bradley

I am going to look into having City Conquest come to do something for our students. That sounds really neat. Thanks for the tip!

julie bowsher

That is really cool... I think it is so sad that education is always the first place cuts happen. City Conquest... very cool!!!

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