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Read 180

You may think it's too late, but it's not. The deadline for entering your Read 180 students in the Read 180 All Star's is March 16th. I am still in the process of entering 7 of my students. Everything is completed online. The student will have to write a paper (75 words minimum) about what Read 180 means to them. The student's parents will have to sign a parental form that you can fax to Scholastic. You have to download their SRI growth chart and a picture of them. I am still in the processing of taking their pictures today. You will also have to write about each of your students. 

The only problem I am having is downloading their pictures. Apparently my pictures are too big. I'm waiting on my tech guy to come help me. So hopefully I will finish today. 

If you are interested, do the following:
1. Go to this website:   http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/read180/community/honorsawards/
2. You will need to check your SRI's and see who has gained over 150 lexile points.
3. Send parental permission forms home with them and tell them to write a paper about what Read 180 means to them.
4. You will need to follow the online process and fill in all the information. 
5. If one of your students is chosen, they will receive a check for $1200.00. You will receive $1000 worth of Scholastic products.

If one of your students win, please let me know. Good Luck!!

Also, next week I am on Spring Break-so no blog next week. 


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