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Math Hunt

I received my monthly Scholastic Teacher Update, grades 6-8. Make sure to get on their mailing list. You can find lots of valuable teaching resources. If you do not receive this, click on the following:   


This month I found a game called Math Hunt. Even though I do not teach math, what grabbed my attention was this description: Send your students out on fact-finding missions that test math skills, provide practice researching on the Web, and boost reading comprehension.  I'm always looking for ways to boost my students' reading comprehension. So I first read the overview in the Teacher's Guide and then the General Objectives. Next, I actually clicked on the game and selected a topic and played. If you don't know the answer, you can click on Hunt for the Answers, which will send you to a different area where you can find the answers or at least find clues to help you figure out the answers. It is really a great way to motivate your students with a cross-curricular activity. My students were challenged playing this game.  I hope your students will enjoy it, as well.
This is the website to go directly to the game:



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