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Community Night

Thursday, April 30th, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., we had Community Night at our school. This is the night we encourage our students to bring their families and neighbors to our school to see what Greenway has to offer. We display our students' work in our rooms and have a schedule of events for the evening. We also auctioned off themed gift baskets to raise money for a new school sign.    

  I am including our schedule for you to view:

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Team SCC: Pic. 1-pick a pop   2. Ms. Bradley and student  3.Mr. Carnesi displaying a student's literary term visual dictionary  4. Ms. Rosales 5. Student's Amusement Parks

Team NAU: 1 and 2- teachers enjoying the FREE Starbuck's coffee


Team ASU: 1-Mr. Saragosa playing soccer   2-Mrs. Saragosa and the cupcake walk  3. Flor painting Ms. Ford's daughter's face-Mia Isabella   4. Students on the cupcake walk
ASU1 ASU2  ASU4 Cupcake

Team PVCC:  Ms. Ricio demonstrating how to hula hoop

Team YCC: 1.-Ms. Fainkujen shows Mr. Skowronski how to race in Wii   2. Ms. Mastropolo beats a student at Wii  3. Ms. Debow's granddaughter, Alejandra, almost makes it to the finish line   4. Sack races were fun!

Team ASU West:1. Ms. Herrera, camera shy, in front of her ELL Wheel of Fortune 2. student's work  3. Ms. Shen ready for visitors

Team U of A: Ms. Retts talking about CPR


Art: Ms. Shultz demonstrating her pottery skills


Culinary Arts: 1. Mr. Apostolides serving hamburgers    2. Students selling snowcones

Tech Lab: Mr. Doyle and students were launching rockets

Choir: Ms. Bustos and her choir performed


Our lovely office secretaries who were in charge of the basket auction: Irma Luna and Alice Jimenez


Students enjoying the evening:

Samples of student's work


Finally: why we have Community Night....A FUTURE GREENWAY STUDENT



Kelli Bradley

How fun! This is a great way to show the students the importance of community involvement.

Julie bowsher

That's so awesome! i think that it is so great getting the community involved in the lives of our children!!!

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