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End of School

I'm finishing up my grades for my six classes. We are taking our final test this week. Each year, I make notes on what I would like to do differently next year, or suggestions on how a lesson could be improved. I either place those notes inside my planner or I tape them inside my cabinet. If it's a suggestion that I need to work on during the summer, I take it home with me. It's also time to clean my office and my classroom. I have to take some personal items home for the summer, since there will be workers in our classrooms. I usually cover my bookshelves, but with the budget issues, I will not use up our butcher paper this year. I have already added new posters to my walls for next year. 

I tried a new strategy this year  for equally calling on my students either to read or to answer questions. I typed a list of my students for each class, down the left side of the paper. When I call on a student, I either write the first letter of the day, or I draw a symbol:triangle, circle, star, etc. That way I can keep up with who I call on in each class. I really don't want to depend on my memory! That way all my students, boys and girls, get called on equally. Since I am a reading teacher, I am assured to hear every student in my class read orally each week. I really like this strategy.

I wanted to find something unusual to do with my students. I remember back in middle school (we called it junior high),  I had a coach for social studies that was always putting trick questions on our tests. One time, he handed us a paper and we started on #1 and had to yell our name, and jump up and down, etc. until we got to #15 that stated all we had to do was put our name on our paper. You were suppose to read all the directions before starting. I thought if I remembered that for 38 years, I would try to find a similar paper. Thanks to the internet, I found 2 interesting papers. I hope you will try at least one of them.

This has been an amazing year. I will be blogging my final time next week. 


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