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Final Blog

This is my last blog for Scholastic. It has been an amazing year! I would like to thank Kathy Walsh for the opportunity. I thank Linda Southworth for all of her advice and hard work.  Linda is an amazing writer! I would like to thank my school, Greenway Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona, for their support throughout the year. I appreciate my principal, Jesse Acosta, for allowing me to take on this extra load this year. I especially want to thank two of my colleagues that have helped me SO much this year with my posted lesson plans and blogs: Ralph Carnesi and Bryan Smith. You have both been so kind, understanding, and professional-I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I appreciate the hard work that the other teacher advisors put forth this year, as well. You are an amazing group of teachers and it's been a pleasure working with you this year. 

On a personal note, I have 2 exciting events coming up: first, I am waiting each day on the birth of my granddaughter in Arkansas. I am hoping my flight will get me there in time to witness her birth.  Secondly, my grandson in California is due August 4th. So I will spend my summer rocking babies! 

I hope all of you have a restful summer and enjoy some quality time with your families. I wish you all the best! 


Kathryn Payan


You have done an outstanding job keeping your colleagues informed. The games and activities have been useful and in touch with the realities teachers face daily in their classrooms. It has also been easy to navigate the site. You have managed to highlight some great and unique programs, like Project RAP. I enjoy being able to go back to your past blogs for previously written articles and ideas. Your hard work is evident and your blog will be missed!

Thank you,

Kathryn Payán
Guidance Counselor

Ralph Carnesi

Sandy, you have done and amazing job sharing and bringing new ideas to Greenway. As a staff, we are truly blessed with having such a wonderful person as you to interact with daily. It has been a pleasure reading and trying many of the ideas you have shared on your pages. It has been a gooding learning time. Thanks :)

Dolores R Herrera

Mrs. Blair,
You have done an amazing job this year keeping us informed and making our school shine!!!!! Your blog is informative, interesting, and filled with great classroom activities. The students have truly enjoyed the new lessons which has improved their English and self confidence.
Thanks for everything you do for our students!!!!!!!



I can count the amount of days left on one hand, but I am surprised how early you all have finished. Wow!

Well, Sandra, it sounds like you have a fun future ahead of you with the kiddos. Spoil them rotten and enjoy those trips to see the babies. I will miss working with you and reading your blogs!

Best to you,

Angela Bunyi

Kelli Bradley

You have done an incredible job this year!! Every week I looked forward to reading your blog and seeing what great insight and tips you had for us.

Have a great summer! It sounds like you have an amazing family!

Kelli Bradley

What an incredible job you've done this year! I looked forward to reading your blog every single week! You always had great tips for us to implement.

Have a great summer! it sounds like you have a wonderful family!

Julie Bowsher

Thank you so much for taking the time to share such great resources! You have really helped me out!


Hello Sandra,
Congrats on being named Greenway Middle School Teacher of the Year - well deserved!

I wanted to thank you again for a great year and your amazing contributions. You have been an outstanding colleague for your fellow teachers and all your efforts for Scholastic are much appreciated! I will miss working with you.

Have a wonderful summer with those new grandbabies!
Sending my best, Linder

Amy Borrell

Sandra: thanks for giving us a view into your classroom this year. We love reading about your approach to learning.

Ben Casados

You certainly are dedicated to the "art" of teaching. Please consider my website www.youaskandy.com as a resource for you and your students.

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