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The inauguration is January 20th. It will be an historic day.

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Civil War Reenactment

Recently, students from our SCC team and our U of A team, joined together to reenact the Civil War. The seventh grade standards include the Civil War.

Concept 6: Civil War
and Reconstruction
(Note: The Civil War was
introduced in Grade 5.)
PO 1. Analyze the factors
leading to the Civil War:
a. role of abolitionists
and Underground
b. Sectionalism and States’
c. Westward expansion
d. Missouri and 1850
e. Dred Scott Decision
f. Kansas-Nebraska
PO 2. Determine the
significance of the following
events of the Civil War:
a. firing on Fort Sumter
b. major battles – Bull Run,
Antietam, Vicksburg,


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