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Class grades and Standardized Test Scores

One of the most effective strategies I've picked up from PHENOMENAL teachers is how to hold the best parent-student-teacher conference.  Listening more than talking (which if you knew me, is quite difficult most of the time!) earns my trust in parents and affords me opportunities to openly discuss issues such as failing grades, lackluster attendance, counter-productive behavior, or potential learning difficulties which are all uncomfortable issues for parents' ears.

It is because of my skills in the parent-student-teacher conference, I was asked to attend a meeting with a young man's parents about his consistent failing grades in honors and AP courses. The recommendation from his teachers was that he was probably inaccurately placed in these course, and that perhaps his schedule needed adjustment.  I was "debriefed" that these parents were unhappy about this meeting.  No prob- I pulled data on their son and found out that over the past three years, he performed at the Below Basic level of proficiency in all CA Standards Tests.  Ok- I would place him on my student monitoring list, provide beyond-the-bell assistance for him, and his parents would leave happy and satisfied that their child was receiving all of what he needed from our school.

Or so I thought...

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