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Students "Get Real" with Their Teachers

Our most recent staff meeting was an eye-opening event.  Teachers were released from sitting through our ritualistic staff meeting agenda of birthday announcements, reminders of policies regarding parking, copy machine usage, and submitting attendance, and the marginally successful presentation on PLCs or teaching strategies.

At THIS meeting, our AVID students ran the show.  They requested to be heard; they wanted to "get real" with teachers to know what they felt was working in the classrooms and what wasn't.  Most teachers walked onto campus that day expecting to hear that we gave too much homework, that we cover too much content, and ask too much from students.  Isn't that what most students report about their teachers? 

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iPods good for the classroom? Yes! Check out how!

Most middle schools and high schools have strict policies regarding cell phone or mp3 usage on campus during instructional time.  Where I teach, for example, there's a policy where cell phones must be turned off during class time and iPods and other mp3 players aren't even supposed to be allowed on campus.

Recently, a friend called to ask my opinion about his son's 7th grade teacher allowing her students to listen to their personal iPods during independent work time in class.  My knee-jerk reaction to this was not just no, but "HECK NO"!  How can adolescents fully concentrate on their tasks with Lil Wayne bumpin' in their ears?!

Afterward, though, I wondered if there was a crafty way to tap into the pervasive desire for students to be connected to their mp3 players that could actually enhance instruction.  I did some investigating and found out some really cool ways to incorporate iPods and cell phones into instruction!  Here are a couple of ideas that you can implement right away...

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