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One More Example of Knowledge in the 'Cloud'


Yet another major launch has occurred in the area of educational video and this time it's intended for free educative content in the form of online lectures to citizens of local communities and beyond. 

PBSNPR and WGBH have announced the launch of the redesigned Forum Network (forum-network.org), a national digital media lecture service and website. As they state in their press release about it, "Public stations across the country are working in collaboration with local mission-driven community organizations, and cultural and educational institutions to produce free online lectures that educate, inform and engage people in ideas, cultural diversity, and compelling issues of our time."

Describing the content they state, "The updated Forum Network site features thousands of high quality lecture videos and audio downloads by some of the world’s leading thinkers, scientists, policymakers, artists, authors, and community leaders. It incorporates social networking elements that enable audiences to exchange ideas and content through time-coded commenting, discussion threads, media rating, and sharing tools. Closed Captioning, transcripts, and slides are also available for select videos on the Forum Network."

Laudable effort and I'm a sucker for this stuff. In fact, there is so much free, substantive and amazing educational content available on the 'net right now that I could easily spend eight hours a day doing nothing but watching internet video and listening to great podcasts.

Here's a prime example of content I'm interested in (as you should be as an educator) and has several key thought leaders in one venue, hosted by New York Times personal technology columnist David Pogue, who takes a look at how reading and books will be experienced in the future. Steve Haber of Sony, Neil Jones of Interead, and Mary Lou Jepsen, founder of Pixel Qi, showcase new technology. Digital librarian Brewster Kahle and Jon Orwant of Google add a big picture perspective on how digitization may change everything. This session also features a musical interlude by Pogue.


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