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Google Tech Talk: Initiatives in Education

Every now-and-then a video comes along that touches me. Not in an emotional way, but in the sense that the message is so right, the focus so clear and the need being discussed so great, that I'm compelled to share it with others. Since you're in the education camp who would find it compelling to know the need Google sees for the types of people they (and, frankly, the world) needs going forward, might spark thoughts about how you nurture budding computer scientists.

Google is all about scale or, as they term it, "internet scale". While many of us tease them in posts about how "my Grandma could design web graphics better than Google", when they deliver a technology it's used by tens of millions of people and has to massively scale from the get-go. The scope of the problems they're trying to solve are so huge, that the sorts of big thinkers and educated technologists they'll need in the future is clearly driving them to take action now.

Though you clearly need to focus on the foundational elements of educating students in science and math, I would argue that discovering and sparking their passion about the future is right alongside it. Are you doing enough to show your students the sort of technologically saturated world they'll inherit?  The trends in the web, social media, computing, mobile, and virtual worlds that they'll be living in but at an internet scale?

If not, you should be since that is where the job, lifelong learning and human connection opportunities will be when they leave college or enter the working world and there are some great thoughts and information in this video:

This presentation is delivered by Maggie Johnson, Google Director of Education and University Relations, and was given at the NSF Computer Science Education Leadership Summit. 


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