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Social Innovation Conversations on Education

As a huge fan of podcasting -- and a long-time podcaster myself -- I gravitate toward content that makes me think. No question that the iTunes store has tens of thousands of podcasts, but I've consistently found the Conversations Network to be the single best resource for discovering thought leader podcasts and new ideas by the truckload.

While some of the IT Conversations are so deeply technical that they're beyond my understanding, this was the first podcast "channel" I discovered and would listen to these as I traveled back and forth to work, and almost every day I'd walk in to our building with at least one new idea!

The Social Innovation Conversations "channel" is one that includes an education focus and you can setup a free account on the site, subscribe via iTunes (link) or through this RSS feed if you have a different type of audio player. Below you'll see their "widget" that is actually sized for a blog sidebar, but so you can see more of each audio title name -- and click to sample the recordings -- I made it larger and would encourage you to give them a listen.


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