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Finding Art on the Web

This week is all about learning how to search the web for good arts integration strategies. For example, one of my fellow bloggers, Angela Bunyi, recently posted a blog on the top five resources for incorporating music into the upper grades. The advantage to readers of Angela's blog is efficiency in searching that could help the everyday teacher who is already over-run with demands. Angela has done the searching for you and reported her findings in an easily accessible blog.

This kind of searching on the web is the strategy of finding and using other searchers. In research world, we call this, "finding a good literature review," that explains for example, a previous literature search that will inform your current search for arts integration strategies. I pulled up google on my browser and typed in: "literature review of arts integration" and an excellent example of a recent arts integration literature review came up: Gail Burnaford's literature review which is for sale on the Arts Education Partnership website.   

Another entry on my web-search was at Amazon.com and I found a literature review that serves as an integration resource for classroom teachers: Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts.

OK, these are just three examples of using somebody else who has searched for integration in order to inform your searches! Using the right words in google will make efficient use of the web to guide and secure new ideas for your classroom integration work!

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