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Qtopia &1:1: Bob Richardson Instructional Tech Coordinator

  Qtopia computer BobRichardson2 Reviewer: Bob Richardson

Position: Instructional Technology Coordinator & Teacher

District/School: Orange County Public Schools, Central Florida Leadership Academy

Products: Qtopia, Qwizdom (Q4s & Q7s)


The ultimate goal is to move to a 1:1 computing platform. We tested, and then added netbooks to the classrooms.  Every class has a student set of 25. As we moved forward, a secondary goal became moving to as close to paperless as possible, without degrading our student learning objectives. Qtopia, along with Qwizdom are key elements.


Qtopia has been viewed by the school's shareholders as exceptionally beneficial toward meeting our objectives to improve student learning, as well as improving efficiency through the use of technology.  

Reviewer’s Notes: Working with Qwizdom in general, whether it's getting help with their student response systems, teacher tools, or online programs, has been a rewarding experience for our school.

Learning Curve:

Students picked up the general use of the programs and systems, quickly, usually within the first session. Teachers learned a great deal through students’ experiences. Qtopia, and Qwizdom technology support has been immediate.

How We Use It:

Qtopia is used in our math modules, and we are anxiously waiting for the other subjects to be added. We already use Qwizdom throughout the entire school.

What’s Ahead?:

In our next school year, we want to expand our 1:1 program, so that, the students would be issued their netbooks at the start of the year, for use at school and home, rather than just use in classrooms.  We should be able to make that happen.


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