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ELMO Quick Modeling: Teacher Jessie Roberts K/Special Ed

IMG_2557 Reviewer: Jessie Roberts

Position: Teacher, Kindergarten/Special Education Inclusion

District/School: Cobb County School District/ Mt. Bethel Elementary, Ga.

Number of Students in District/School: 106,000; 1,000

Product: ELMO TT-02


I use the ELMO in conjunction with my projector and interactive white board on a daily basis to make instruction more accessible to my students. Much like an overhead projector the ELMO projects images so that the whole class can see. However. unlike overhead projectors the ELMO requires no special materials or special planning to use. It has the capability to display a myriad of different materials instantly. I keep mine hooked up all day and use it multiple times during instruction periods especially when specific modeling is needed.


The parents, teachers, and students love it! I received my ELMO through a grant from our parent funded school foundation. The parents and administration at our school were so excited about the instructional potential of this product that every teacher at our school received an ELMO for their classroom. The ELMO is very user friendly and students enjoy seeing their own work (and their hands) under the document camera. I can’t imagine teaching without it!

Learning Curve:

Once the software is installed and the ELMO is properly hooked up to the user’s computer the ELMO is extremely easy to use. Use only requires turning on the power button and opening the software. No extra training or support needed after installation.

How We Use It:

I use the ELMO for a variety of purposes throughout the day. I most commonly use my ELMO to quickly display a worksheet and go over directions with my students before sending them to work independently.

When working in conjunction with my SMARTBoard I can display a worksheet and write directly using the tools on the interactive white board. The students love seeing their work under the camera, and the ELMO provides a perfect way to edit work as a class. The ELMO can turn any size picture book into a “big book” that can be seen by the whole class. We can highlight key words, zoom in on picture details, or make words larger for choral reading.

The ELMO is especially useful during math lessons to display manipulatives like counters, Cuisenaire rods, rulers, or coins to model important math concepts. The possibilities are practically limitless. Some other uses include displaying science experiments, modeling step-by-step art projects, or displaying board/card/dice games for whole class play.

Reviewer’s Notes:

Originally at our school ELMOs were shared amongst 4-5 teachers. Sharing ELMO document cameras is not ideal. The best thing about the ELMO is that it can be used to quickly model day-to-day assignments without any preplanning. While the ELMO would still be useful to model special projects it really wouldn’t be used to it’s full potential when shared amongst several classrooms. Also while the ELMO can be hooked up to a display monitor, I prefer to use the ELMO with a projector.

What’s Ahead?:

While currently there is no district plan to purchase more document cameras many teachers in the district are seeking grants through the school foundation or outside sources to obtain ELMOs for their own classroom.


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