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Interactive Teaching: Marge Cox Library Media Specialist

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Cox2a Reviewer: Marge Cox

Position: Library Media Specialist

District/School: Collier County Schools/Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Fla.

Number of Students in District/School: 984 K/5 students at VME

Products: MimioClassroom


Learning Curve:                 

I went from never having touched DYMO/Mimio products to quickly creating instruction for my students. Our local school district does a great job of DYMO/Mimio support, but the mimioconnect.com site provides the perfect place for educators to get new ideas or find answers to their questions.

How We Use It: 

I use all the MimioClassroom products together in my interactive teaching lessons. MimioTeach makes my whiteboard and lessons interactive. I include many of the items from the MimioStudio Gallery as it saves me time from having to create everything from scratch. For example in our lesson on the solar system, I used pre-created images from the Gallery and added my own questions to quiz students with MimioVote. I can even add my standards to the lesson slides, so they can accessed to keep me on track for meeting standards goals.

MimioView allows me to do everything I could do with my old document camera and create text on the screen for any book or slide that I show. I just used that feature this week when showing the food pyramid and typing the number of servings needed each day over the image on the screen. Students could see that information easily as they created healthy menus as part of their assignment.

My MimioPad lets me control the whiteboard from anywhere in the room, keeping me near my students and able to control the computer at the same time. I also use MimioCapture to gather, store, and save information—that I write or draw on the whiteboard—into my computer.

What’s Ahead?:

I plan to work with students to create more interactive lessons with MimioClassroom in the future. The district continues to support DYMO/Mimio products.


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