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Video Enhances Writing: Katie Regan English Teacher

Learn360 Katie Regan2 _ Headshot
Katie Regan

Position: English Teacher

District/School: Jordan-Elbridge Central Schools, NY

Number of Students in District/School: 100-120 in each class for grades K-12

Product: Learn360


In using technology in the classroom, one goal I have is to engage reluctant learners. Because students love to watch TV and other visual media, streaming video and downloading content is a great way to do that. It makes sense.

Using simple videos can help bridge the gap to more complex ideas and thoughts. Students learn to respond to what they see and hear in videos and other media. This helps support the state standard for my curriculum.


My colleagues and I say it’s a great idea! Not many of my district’s teachers integrate tech as often as I do, but students love it. I posted a poll to ask them if they enjoyed using videos in their writing process and nearly all of them said yes. Knowing that, it pushes me to continue to integrate Learn360 videos and content with my lesson plans.

Learning Curve:

In order for me to give my students access to Learn360, I called to ask if it was possible to give them a generic username and password until our Moodle could be integrated with it. Then, I just search for videos that would go with my subject content, as well as inspire writing. I hyperlinked videos I found using Moodle forums, and assigned students to the different videos.

It’s easy to use and extremely accessible through our BOCES media catalog.

Note: Videos can be streamed or downloaded to a thumb drive. Some of the videos aren’t downloadable because of copyright restrictions.

How We Use It:

I use Learn360 to support student research, enhance learning new ideas, and to teach and introduce new topics.

During a research unit, I group students by the topics. It’s easy to search and find video that is age appropriate and on specific topics. I create a forum for each topic and hyperlink to the video on the necessary topics, within the forum. Students are given a discussion outline. Students can watch the videos and respond in the forum. Then, they can read and respond to what others post on the same video.

Sample Lesson:

When I was teaching character traits, I found 10 videos that displayed different traits or life skills. I assigned videos to students. They watched them, decided which character trait the character displayed, and followed a strict writing prompt.

Reviewer’s Note:

Students can go back to the content in the video at any time to review, so they aren’t restricted access—working from home or school.

What’s Ahead?:

I hope to find more places to integrate videos into my writing class. Since they engage the students and each student can watch it and then work at their own pace, I think they’d work well in writing courses.

Continued communication between media specialists and staff should continue to increase the usage. Learn360 is part of our district media catalog, which we are encouraged to use.


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