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KUNO 1:1 Android: Drew Markel Assist. Principal

  Drew Markel

Position: Assistant Principal

District:  Crothersville Community Schools, Crothersville, IN

Number of Students:  550

Product: KUNO Tablet with CurriculumLoft Explore 1 to 1


We wanted Android-based tablet environment for 1:1 to give each student a managed Internet and network capable device. We also wanted teachers to upload their current curriculum in a cloud environment so that building lesson plans will be as easy at home as it is at school.


All stakeholders were excited about the plan to implement a 1:1 initiative. The project is fully supported by the Board as well as teachers and students.

Learning Curve:

Many students are already acclimated to using touch-screen-based technology. The use of the KUNO was not a hard transition for the students to make at all. We added school-wide wireless in preparation for the project. We want our students marketable in today’s workplace.

How We Use It:

We are a rural, high poverty area. This means that many students don't have the means to obtain WiFi, or broadband access due to cost as well as location. We needed a way to allow for students to have their curriculum downloaded to a device that could be taken home with them and accessed later. The KUNO and CurriculumLoft Explore1to1 allowed for that “sync” to take place in the school where Internet access is available. The students can later return home and access that information, even if they don’t have Internet access.

What’s Ahead?:

We will be running a project parallel to the KUNO tablet project installing a complete VDI (Virtual Desktop) Solution. We will utilize CISCO UCS servers running virtual clients. These virtual instances will be available both on the students Wyse thin clients in a lab or classroom setting and in virtual instances on the KUNO.  All virtualization will be managed using the VmWare suite of products with an EMC storage array.


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Drew markel, do you have aweber for this? I think its more interesting to listen than just to read.

Drew Markel is doing a great job! Teachers will be very glad of their lesson plans. Thanks Drew!

Drew Markel as a Crothersville Community Schools principal - I would like to support your proposal on this. Teachers then will be happy on getting into technology incorporated on their lessons.

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