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RM Slate 1:1: James Monti

RM Slate
Jim2 Reviewer:
James Monti

Position: Director of Technology

District/School: West Warwick Public Schools, RI

Number of Students in District/School: 3,500

Products: RM Slate


We wanted to move toward ubiquitous wireless access everywhere in the district.

We knew that touchpad technology was the direction we wanted to move towards, but we were skeptical about moving to a non-flash environment. We also wanted a tool that we could use with Aspen, our SIS.


Students as young as kindergarten age have been using RM Slates. We know they're getting used extensively, because the most popular message our helpdesk has received is: "How do we clean dirty finger prints from the screen?" We love that type of helpdesk question.

Learning Curve:

By using the RM imaging services we were able to simply hand the tools out to students and teachers after a minimal run through for each machine. Students and teachers were able to use the machines qiuickly, and the Slates were pretty intuitive, regardless of user age.

How We Use It:

The Slate fits perfectly onto tabletops for our wheelchair bound students. It was fabulous that we could use existing assistive technology software. We started to use the RM Slates for some state testing at the 4th and 8th grade levels. Then we dropped the Slates into the classrooms, where they've been used non-stop by the teachers and students.

What’s Ahead?:

We want more! We want to find funding sources to purchase a Slate for every teacher and administrator for use with Rhode Island's new Educator Evaluation System.


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