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Interactive Classroom Field Trips: Dr. Chris Craft

 IN3916b 41704_892690345_8249_nReviewer:  Dr. Christopher Craft

Position:  Teacher/Tech Leader

District/School: CrossRoads Middle School

Number of Students in School: Approximately 1,000

Products: InFocus IN3916 Interactive Projector by InFocus


The goal in implementing the IN3916 Interactive Projector was to move beyond the traditional interactive whiteboard approach, which requires both teacher and student to physically touch the board to interact. We wanted to provide a flexible solution that was more compatible with learner-centered pedagogy by using a solution that was not so limited. The IN3916 makes any surface interactive, from walls to floors to tabletops. This allows our students to interact with any surface during the learning process.


Everyone that has seen the IN3916 in action adores it. Teachers comment that it’s nice not to have to be the center of classroom attention all the time. Since the 3916 allows the teacher or student to interact with content from anywhere in the room, the learning is the center of attention.

Learning Curve:

Since the 3916 does not require any drivers or calibration, installation and implementation were as simple as plugging the device in. There’s very little training required as the interaction with the board and wand is very similar to a popular video game system—so most users are familiar. And since the 3916 obtains an IP address from our network, any computer in the classroom can project through the 3916 quickly and easily—without having to connect any wires or cables.

How We Use It:

One of the most popular uses of the 3916 is for modern day cartography. With Google Earth and the IN3916, we can take virtual field trips to anywhere in the world. One day last year, I put a large piece of showerboard on the floor and aimed the 3916 and projected onto the board. We gathered around on the floor and took turns taking interactive field trips to different countries in Central and South America. And since we were so close to the content, it really made the learning come alive.

Reviewer’s Notes:

The IN3916 also has a high quality audio system built into the device. We can use the speakers when playing video content and do not need external speakers. The room-filling audio allows a class full of students to hear what is being played.

What’s Ahead?:

We are looking at a larger scale implementation and searching for new and innovative uses for the device.


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