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Students Pass the Tablet

  Mrs. Arias in action with her TABLET!
Lisa Arias

Position: Tech Leader/Math Teacher

School / District: Learning Gate Community School, Hillsborough County. Fla.

Number of Students in District/School: 191,000/550

Product: ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Tablet/Slate


The goal was to introduce Project-Based Learning by creating and recording math tutorials using the ELMO TABLET. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation generously helped fund the project.


Administrators said students gained technology confidence in project-based learning experiences. Students liked using the tablet from their seats and showing everyone how they solved problems, and teachers liked the classroom teaching mobility.        

Learning Curve:

Right now, I can easily pledge how user friendly the ELMO TABLET is, but at first, for someone not used to using technology, it took repetition and practice to become confident. Now, the only challenge is to remember charging the Tablet battery!

ELMO Technical Support’s patience and guidance were key to my success.

How We Use It:

Because our math textbook is online and resources are in PDF or Word, we use the ELMO TABLET just like a mouse to access lessons. We then use the annotation tools to model the steps needed to solve the problems. Teachers can circulate throughout the room at the same time, so “pass the tablet” is easy for student input.

What's Ahead?:

Using the ELMO TABLET for daily instruction, as well as teacher and student-created math concept tutorials.


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