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Existing Technology Unleashed: Cary Peterson


Cary Petersen_Jefferson County

Reviewer: Cary Petersen

Position: Executive Director of Information Technology

District/School: Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY

Number of Students in District/School: JCPS is a K12 system, the largest in the state, with approximately 100,000 students and 6,000 teachers.

Products: HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC, HP 17-inch diagonal LCD monitor, HP docking station, HP Compaq Business Desktop PC, HP LaserJet printer


In order to prepare our students for their future careers, we knew that teachers had to embrace technology and use it effectively. Yet even after spending some $30 million on technology products, we discovered several years ago that teachers were still lecturing in front of classrooms much as they had done when the district was founded in 1829. In response, we searched for a way to unlock the potential of our huge existing investments in technology. We wanted a way to get teachers to actually use technology in the classroom, rather than let it sit gathering dust.


The adoption of HP Tablet PCs has been extremely well received on all fronts. After the pilot HP Tablet PC rollout, the number of teachers using computer technology jumped from 15% to 84%, and today the usage rate is approaching 100% in some of our schools. Since the introduction of the HP Tablet PC, the numbers of students receiving high-performance ratings has also risen. A survey of our school principals – a group who ranked technology dead last as a spending priority – showed the vast majority clamoring to continue the HP Tablet PC program.

The mobility of the HP Tablet PC enables our teachers to learn at their own convenience as well. Most importantly, our students are engaged and they’re excited.

Learning Curve:

As part of our Technology Integration Project, we rolled out approximately 6,000 HP Tablet PCs, some accessorized with HP 17-inch diagonal LCD monitors and HP docking stations, over several years as funding became available. To ensure success of the HP Tablet PC rollout, each teacher received three hours of training on computer basics and three hours on Microsoft Windows Journal, the software for creating and organizing handwritten notes on tablet PCs. After that, teachers got a year of follow up coaching from a Technology Integration Specialist.

How We Use It:

Teachers work within the familiar and effective paradigm of writing out material as they teach – solving math problems, for example, or listing the exports of Peru. Teachers traditionally had used overhead projectors to do this, but the HP Tablet PC is a mobile device they can carry around, that can project, not only handwritten notes but also slide shows, websites – virtually anything. It even lets them save notes for students who miss class, or hand them out as review material.

What’s Ahead:

We recently launched an initiative to create 21st Century Classrooms by installing state-of-the-art interactive tools and implementing a Lesson Study professional development model for teachers to learn to incorporate electronic whiteboards, wireless slates, document cameras and student response systems into their teaching.

Reviewers Notes:

More than 60% of our students receive free or reduced-price meals – a sign of economic need – and up to 10% are estimated to be homeless. Yet average student attendance rates are 95% and the dropout rate in grades seven to twelve is less than 5%. Newsweek magazine includes JCPS in its list of the Best American High Schools.


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I agree with you Cary. Technology has a huge part in our lives today. When regards to education, teacher must embrace high technology for them to enlarge their leanings and they could able to teach effectively.

One of the best tools today for teaching is using technology. I think using this for education could give a high quality learning for students.

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