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FINDing Classworks: Cynthia Bridges, Tech Coordinator

C. Bridges Photo

Reviewer: Cynthia Bridges

Position: Technology coordinator

District: N. Pekin/Marquette Heights District #102, Marquette Heights, IL

Number of Students: 600 students

Products: Classworks FIND and Classworks by Curriculum Advantage


We implemented the Classworks FIND assessment system in fall 2010 in grades 2-8, after using the Classworks instructional software for years. Our goals were to measure students’ mastery of grade-level standards, differentiate instruction to meet each student’s needs, and impro


ve student performance on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT).


Our teachers liked the FIND Benchmark Assessments. Reading was right on target with the state content for each grade. We found the math content was more advanced—about half a year ahead of our standards—so we adjusted students’ individualized lesson plans accordingly. Teachers appreciated that the assessment reports organized each student’s results by strand, so they knew exactly which areas to address. They also liked that students’ performance on the Benchmark Assessments showed a direct correlation to their performance on the ISAT.

Learning Curve:  

We had Curriculum Advantage come to our district for two training sessions. We conducted the trainings in small groups, which worked very well. Then I did one-on-one training with teachers, as needed, which allowed them to proceed at their own rate. We’re now ready to dive into the more advanced features of the system and create our own assessments.

How We Use It:  

In the fall, we administered the Benchmark Assessments to all students in grades 2-8 to gauge their mastery of grade-level standards. A key benefit of Classworks FIND is that it automatically linked the assessment results to targeted instructional activities in the Classworks instructional software, creating an individualized learning plan for each student. For teachers, this was a great classroom management tool since they could assign activities to review concepts that had already been taught, and turn off lessons that wouldn’t be covered until later in the year. In the spring, we administered the Benchmark Assessments again to measure students’ growth.

We also used the FIND assessments in our Response to Intervention (RtI) program. As students progressed throughout the year, we administered the Skills Snapshot probes to assess students skill by skill, and used the results to make decisions about instruction to address their needs.

What’s Ahead?:  

This year, we plan to use Classworks FIND for more in-depth progress monitoring in our RtI program. We will also give our Tier 2 students a second round of Benchmark Assessments that will be one grade below their grade level. The results will show us what skills they did not master from the year before and help us create their RtI plans.

In addition, since Classworks is aligned to the Common Core State Standards as well as our state standards, we plan to use it as a cornerstone for our migration from ISAT testing to Common Core testing. This will put us ahead of many Illinois school districts.

Reviewer’s Notes: 

We are currently reviewing our 2011 state test scores and are seeing improvements. In the fourth grade, which concentrated on math, 96.8 percent of our students met or exceeded the standards in math on the ISAT. In the third grade, which focused on reading, 91.8 percent of students met or exceeded the standards in reading. Our teachers felt that the assessments helped them plan their ISAT prep for all levels in their classroom. They also felt that the lessons in Classworks supported what they did in the classroom.

It’s important to note that we also interact with students quite a bit as they work on the Classworks instruction and assessment systems. The individualization we are able to provide complements the Classworks systems well. Our computer lab has turned into a differentiated learning dream.


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