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Glogster EDU


Reviewer: Sharon Ferguson M.ED. Edu

Position: 2nd grade Teacher

District/School: Fulton County Schools, Findley Oaks Elementary, Georgia 

Number of Schools/ Findley Oaks Students: 58 Elementary Schools/800 students

Product: Glogster EDU

Reviewer’s Notes: A Glog is like a poster, only better. Glogs allow students to create online posters using photographs, images, graphics, video clips, audio files, and hyperlinks. Glogster EDU is a great way to showcase what your students have been learning. Posters are very easy to embed on your classroom Wikispaces, Blogs, or Websites.


When using Glogster EDU, the classroom comes alive and the interest of the students broadens.  Higher-level thinking is obtained and some of the objectives we are looking for to engage our students can be plugged into. This website allows the students to creatively express themselves and offers an opportunity for them to retell/demonstrate the knowledge that they have learned. The highest level of Blooms Taxonomy is to take information learned and create something to represent that understanding.  Glogster EDU allows this to happen through collaboration and while having fun.


Glogster EDU gives the user the opportunity to create something unique and interesting that can be shared.

Learning Curve:  

Whenever something new is introduced to teachers, they are always apprehensive because their plate is full and who has time to add some new application to it. This is the easiest Website to maneuver through. If I can use it successfully anyone can.

How We Use It: 

Teachers can use this site to showcase their students.  Put a Glog together that explains/showcases some of things that their students have been doing/learning in the classroom.  Webquests can be easily put together to make finding the information you need fun.  Learning activities can be collected and linked from a Glog. Students can take the artifacts that they have collected and attach them to a page that includes links, videos, photos, and so much more.

Reviewer’s Notes: Students can show what they have been learning to their friends and family easily. Students can collect artifacts that they have researched, found online, created, and/or photographed, and display their findings in a report form that is creative.


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