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Outside Traditional School Structure: Al Vigh

Alvigh Reviewer:  Al Vigh

Position:  Program Director

District/School: Wyoming Public Schools , Wyoming, MI / Frontiers Online Learning Program

Number of Students in District/School: 4600 (district), 85 (Frontiers program)

Product: E2020 is the backbone for our online content. Moodle is also used.


Our goal is to address the varying needs of a wide spectrum of learners who want, or need other options outside of the traditional school structure and time requirements. Using blended learning, in a self-paced, student-centered model, accelerated learners, high-risk learners, and everything in between can find a customized learning environment. We also guide students from the highly structured traditional learning style to a more independent style at their pace in order to make them ready for post-secondary learning.


Overall response has been very positive. Administration and School Board are both highly supportive of our efforts. Students and parents are thrilled to have another viable option that allows their child to progress on their terms.

Learning Curve:

Preparation of the staff and recognition of the differences in content delivery and structure are of the utmost importance. Staff, who are trained and experienced as traditional classroom teachers, are discovering an exciting change to their role as a mentor and a guide.

How We Use It:

Students attend school based on a customized, student-driven schedule.  They start with a set amount of hours per week they need to attend, and that number changes quarterly, based on student proficiency.  For example, a student may be required to attend 15 hours per week in the building, where they have access to highly-qualified, certified teaching staff. The student schedules himself/herself for that required time.  They are held accountable for that time.  At the end of the quarter, if they are meeting a certain performance level, they are given more freedom and flexibility, and less required hours of attendance.

What’s Ahead?:

We will continue to learn and develop best practices for facilitating student learning in a blended environment and explore innovative ways to best meet the needs of students in our community.


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