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No Shelf Tech Here!

Julio Velasquez Director of Technology

Aaron Allen 5th Grade Math, Social Studies and Reading Teacher

Hempfield Area School District (HASD)

Products: Mimio Interactive Solutions

Tech2We looked for something that wasn’t going to be difficult to install and maintain. After the presentations, we surveyed teachers for their input, and Mimio was their top selection.

District tech did the initial install, but we make updates available on our server, and teachers do those themselves. HASD quickly went from very few technology users to 40%, and then to 80% daily blending of Mimio technology with curriculum delivery. “You never want to purchase shelf technology; Mimio gets a daily workout here; it never sits.

We facilitate the training to make sure the technology is always available, and Mimio has been very supportive with everything from individual teacher help to any technical side trouble shooting issues,” says Velasquez. A recent technology training survey, found that teachers wanted more days to get together to share what they were doing with Mimio in their classrooms, and thought it was one of the most valuable inservice days they’ve ever had.

What you get for the dollar makes sense, especially when comparing Mimio solutions with others out there.

Teachers at HASD create and save lessons using Mimio software and the stylus for building text, highlighting, drawing, group work, moving objects, sequencing, as well as capturing supplemental resources from the Internet. Teachers engage students and instantly assess achievement.

Aaron Allen, a 5th grade math, social studies and reading teacher uses Mimio solutions daily for writing, spelling, and language arts.

TeachWith MimioTeach and a stylus I use math manipulatives, and MimioView takes transparencies out of the equation. Kids manipulate objects for concrete references. In its simplest form it’s a quick whiteboard, but it can quickly become something where kids can click, point, manipulate, move, and see their actions. Learning has become a Web 2.0, game-filled, engaging environment in the classrooms of HASD. It’s as easy as using PowerPoint or Word, and If you want to get more technical, it’s not that difficult to create new worlds of learning. Our reading program is online, so this works beautifully for teaching in ways we couldn’t do before—when it was just on paper. It’s a lot easer—and a time saver with Mimio. The right tools are there when and where you need them.


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Technology here seem to be pretty good investment. I'm really impressed with them. It is both a long-term creative process rather than simply a technology.

teachers are playing very good role.

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